80 years of innovation & tradition.

Behind the sheer luxury of the yachts from Frauscher stands not only a wealth of technological know-how and innovative power, but 80 years of solid tradition in building fine boats.

International acclaim has poured in for the Frauscher brand in particular for the superb sailing craft, motor boats and yachts with hybrid engine it develops and produces. Criteria like the fast ride, incredible curving speeds and stability plus the generous spatial concept and the finest quality in the materials selection were all put through punishing strenuous paces from stem to stern.

The exceptional Frauscher yachts are an absolute peak in aesthetics, elegance & lifestyle providing the most memorable of pleasures afloat on all waters of the world.


UFO boats has been specializing in the creation of technical pieces in carbon fiber in the sport industry, aeronautic, navy and R&D for 20 years.

Architect Xavier Pillet gained his initial experience with the conception of wind surfs (super gliding hull). He then perfected his knowledge of hydrodynamics by working for 10 years on the creation and the realization of fins for windsurfs at the highest level. Due to his passion for nautical sports in general, he came up with the idea of creating this innovative hull by associating parameters issued from his own experience so as to improve gliding and passage through waves.

The sandwich hull carbon / epoxy offers an extraordinary balance with respect to the ratio solidity / weight. A structural reinforcement in aramide/kevlar, was added so as to reinforce the keel, which are particularly exposed to chocks and abrasion. The floaters are in hypalon / neoprene. They offer resistance, durability and easy maintenance. The teak was chosen to dress the deck for its comfort and easy maintenance, as well as for it’s its non-slipping qualities, and of course for its esthetical qualities. It is an integrant part of the structure.


Grand Azur is absolute personification of classical lobster style boat, modern comfort and German accuracy.

Judel/Vrolijk & Co. the famous design atelier created the unique character of Grand Azur.

Grand Azur is produced by Shipyard Knierim the official yacht builder of German team for America's Cup and Admiral's Cup.

Sharp Image, high quality, speed and comfort are components of Grand Azur.


Youth, speed, courage - are the components of shipyard SOGICA success. The lack of stereotypes and the rapid development of shipyard SOGICA - fresh look at high-speed boats.

It is expected emergence of such a shipyard, as SOGICA. Courage of the shipyard owners in the approach to the design of yachts captivated engineering team with 30 years experience in construction of military ships. SOGICA Openbridge 55 with Rolls Royce water-jets is the result of three years hard work. The lack of vibration, even at a speed of 53 knots makes the journey comfortable and fast.

The extreme maneuverability, speed and comfort of SOGICA yachts were awarded with Millennium Yacht Design Awards 2007 in the category "Yacht of the year".

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